Rapid Sealer Coating for Warehouse Floors

A Heavy Duty Sealer Coating for Warehouses, Production Areas and Processing Plants. PMMA-Based Top Coat / Sealer Coat hard dries in just 40 minutes* and cures to deliver a high performance, mechanically durable finish. It’s chemical resistant and delivers good abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to UV and weathering – making

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Hard-Wearing, Hygienic Maintenance and Surface Repair for Food Sector

Cactus Hard-Wearing and Anti-Skid Solutions Ensure High Performance Surface Repair for the Food Sector. PMMA-Based solutions offer a number of highly durable and totally hygienic coatings systems for the food and drinks sector. Our concrete repair and anti-skid technologies are solvent-free, come packaged ready-to-mix with minimal measuring required, and are easy to apply across large surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas. CLICK HERE TO BUY OR ENQUIRE

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A High Performance, Liquid Applied Gutter Waterproofing Solution.

PMMA-Based Waterproofing Coating is a durable, long-term waterproofing solution for roofing areas and gutters. It’s easy to use, quick to apply and it hard dries in just 60 minutes*. It’s an ideal solution for leaking gutter waterproofing on industrial and commercial structures, where minimal disruption and a quick return to service is required. CLICK HERE

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